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Forging a Transformative Vision

Building economic power through community ownership is the antidote to the systemic failures of our current system.  · 

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Place-Making in Legacy Cities: Opportunities and Good Practices, prepared by New Solution Group LLC in partnership with Center for Community Progress, December 2013.

Placemaking in Legacy Cities: Opportunities and Good Practices provides an excellent overview of contemporary American placemaking.

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Out from Under the Table

An enterpreneurial training program in Detroit has an unexpected side benefit—legitimizing existing but unofficial businesses, and poising them for growth.

Shanté Booker  ·  October 9, 2014


blogging beyond bricks & mortar
Do the Roads Belong to All of Us? The other day at a planning board meeting, I heard someone claim that all the roads…
Posted 20 Oct 14
Shelter Shorts